The Seabury Society is a Devotional Society dedicated to the renewal of classical Anglican Piety for the modern world.

We are Faithful

in our efforts to follow after the Anglican Tradition as expressed in its Divines, Formularies, and Articles of Faith as they have been passed down to us  from the Fathers. Together they serve as the legitimate guides for Anglican Identity.

We are irenic

in our efforts to provide the Anglican Church in North America a legitimate, yet uncompromising, seat at the table with other Apostolic Churches and adherents to the Catholic Faith.

 We look to the future

in our efforts to display a stable, meaningful, universal, and respectable faith by which further generations, and our own, can actively participate within.

We are convicted and convinced

that only through a reverent, orderly, and traditional practice, as the one we have received from our Fathers and Doctors of the Faith, are we able to remain a fruitful Church actively participating in the inexhaustible wonder of the world we live in.

We Fight

against the deep seated pessimism and melancholy of the modern world and seek to break apart all practices which capitulate to its vices.

What Does All Of This Mean?

At the center of our piety and practice is the particular work of prayer which is distinctive to the Anglican Tradition. From this work of prayer our life extends outward into our lives and labors. By this credo: we pray, we work, we live. This is one of the first and primary pillars of the Anglican way, yet it seems to be the first to be forgotten.  Through this distinctive form of prayer, as found in the Book of Common Prayer, we understand the inherent local focus of the Church. Because the prayers of the ancients ascend from the voices of the people, the people are empowered to become industrious, vibrant, and joyous. 
It is precisely because the locus of piety is found within the microcosm of the individual and the family, and because the essential nature of piety is deep-rooted faithfulness, that we deny all the sentimentalism, irreverence, and needless liturgical innovation that continues to plague every part of the Anglican Communion. Rather we advocate for the preeminence of the ordinary, faithful, and consistent way of Christian living as it is taught in Holy Scripture and found within the lives of the Saints. Unless these aforementioned tendencies are stopped, reversed, and otherwise rejected and supplanted, we shall find the Church spiraling further downwards, becoming seemingly unimportant, valueless, and unprincipled with each descent.

We desire the church to become a place wherein Men and Women flourish. This flourishing is not mawkish or synthetically sentimental. The Church must absolutely contribute to the holiness of the average person, rather than continue to serve as a place where the ignorant may remain ignorant or as a home for the corrupt. This is only accomplished through faithfulness, and faithfulness through prayer. 

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