Ecclesiastical Tales is a series comprised of fiction written by various Anglican Divines. Many are aware of the novels written by Anglicans such as C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll, but few know that many of our prestigious dogmatic authors also used their pens to compose stories. Many are surprised to find that Bishop Forbes, Fr. DeKoven, and even Fr. Thornton all wrote novels in their free time. Now, after spending many years out of print, the Seabury Society is very pleased to say that we are republishing these works for the enjoyment of the public, especially the faithful of the American Church. It is our great hope that they will prove beneficial for the use of Anglican Classical Schools and the general edification of the Church.  

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The Rev. Dr. James DeKoven

The Rev. Dr. James DeKoven

Warden of Racine College

The Rt. Rev. Alexander Penrose Forbes (16 June 1817 – 8 October 1875), was a Scottish Episcopalian divine, born at Edinburgh. A leading cleric in the Scottish Episcopal Church, he was Bishop of Brechin from 1847 until his death in 1875.