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There is no dignity so high, no responsibility so great, no work so noble, no reward so blessed, no life more full of beatitude, than that of a faithful Priest. It is a singular mark of God’s predestinating love that He calls any of us into this association with Himself.

-Bl. Charles Grafton

To theological students, in whose welfare I am most truly interested, I can speak with plainness; for at the present day, if amid the prodigious efforts of Popery—the beautiful example set us by various denominations in this country—and the delightful, the noble stand which our highly honored mother, the Church of England, has at last taken in reference to missions, there is even one, looking to the ministry, who has not in all sincerity and from his heart said to his Saviour, Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth—and is not ready to say to the Church, Here am I, send me—he has mistaken his calling.

Bl. Jackson Kemper

The Duty of the Church with Respect to Missions