Why The Seabury Society Is Necessary


Do Not Engage In Regular Prayer or Study

People Leave Church Per Day


Do Not Trust the Church

Church life, especially in the Millennial and Z generations, is suffering in ways many of us are unwilling to recognize. Furthermore, church attendance and membership across the United States is plummeting. The Episcopal Church (and the Church of England) continue to see waves of people leaving their church family. This coincides ironically, yet unsurprisingly, with the rise of what we have called sentimentalism and banal mawkishness within the ranks of clergy and church leadership. Among these issues is also the growing tide of theological revisionism and deconstructionism. All of these issues are seperately addressed in our Manifesto and Tract I

In our early years as Anglicans, we asked what the response to this growing problem? 

We eventually found out that most ministers, especially those who recognize these problems, turned to less than wholesome practices. Especially in the wake of GAFCON, many priests and bishops saw this as an opportunity for liturgical revisionism, further deconstruction of the formularies and canons, and all the forms of irreverence that caused us to break away from the Episcopal Church in the first place.

We now must pose the question to all leaders and laity in the Anglican Church of North America. 

Are you providing a place of worship where people can take their faith seriously, or are you opening the door to irreverence and sentimentalism?