The Seabury Society

Pactum Serva | Keep the Faith

A Devotional Society dedicated to the renewal of classical Anglican Practice for the modern world.

Seeking a peaceful revolution of prayer and practice

We work to revive our Tradition from its recent history of fracture and revisionism to a wholesome and faithful expression of classical Anglicanism.

We invite you to join into the fullness of the Anglican Tradition

The Historic Episcopate

We support the traditional understanding of the historic episcopate and its pastoral implications, and remain suspicious and critical of non-geographic bishops, overlapping jurisdictions, and other such innovations in polity. 

Classical Anglicanism

We reject all forms of Identity Politics as they have manifested themselves within our Church: “Anglo-Catholicism”, “Three-Streams”, “Calvinistic”, or whatever else. We remain Anglicans. 

Following The Basics

We adhere to the Rules, Rubrics, Formularies, and Canons particular to our Tradition, as they have been received by the American Church. 

IV: Characteristics of the age

A Charge to the Clergy By the Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip First Bishop of California, A.D. 1876 My Brethren of the clergy, The spirit and direction of the age are ever-altering, and our religion takes the hue and color of the intellectual spirit of the times. As,...

III: Stanzas for the Saints

O God, whom saints and angels delight to worship in heaven: Be ever present with your servants on earth who seek through art and music to perfect the praises of your people. Grant them even now true glimpses of your beauty, and make them worthy at length to behold it...

II: Rogation Days

“Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.”

I: On Love & Tradition

“So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter.”

2021 Advent Surplices for Seminarians Giveaway

The Society is pleased to announce that just as last year, the very talented Molly Holleran of Seemly Seams will be providing her services for the production of Six Full English Surplices to be donated to ACNA Seminarians. In addition, this year’s Seminarians will also be receiving Hand-Crafted Reader’s Scarves and Preaching Bands. It is our goal to keep these Surplices for Seminarians giveaways a yearly occurrence. These  English Surplices, Scarves, and Bands will be given at random to six Seminarians during the last week of Advent 2021 and shipped in Christmastide. This is our way of celebrating the Feast of the Nativity in a manner that is fun and edifying to the Province. See Seminarian Page for more details. 

Icon Presented at 114th Synod of the REC Diocese of Mid-America

The Anglican Deaconess Association was gifted with an original icon from The Seabury Society in honor of all their Anglican deaconesses. The icon features the Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by various women – deaconesses, abbesses, nuns, Biblical figures, and a queen (Elizabeth I) – all of whom have influenced the English/American Anglican Tradition. The icon was presented at the 114th Synod of the REC Diocese of Mid-America in Dallas by The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton and Dss. Canon Annette Johnson. It will be housed at Cranmer Theological House on behalf of the ADA. Cranmer House was the first Anglican seminary to offer a Deaconess Studies / Training Program which is open to any woman aspiring to be an Anglican deaconess.

Clothed With Salvation & A Priest Forever Republished.

The Rt. Rev. Walter C. Klein’s two magnificent books for Seminarians and Priests, Clothed With Salvation & A Priest Forever, have been republished by the Society in a single volume. Alongside these excellent treatises are added invaluable appendices containing advice for ministry from several notable Anglican Divines, both past and present. This collection is available for purchase on Amazon and can be acquired free of charge by ACNA Seminarians. See Seminarian Page for more details.

King Charles the Martyr Prayer Cards Available

St. Charles, ‘the white king’, is the only figure since the Reformation to achieve formal canonization within the Church of England. This was achieved by valiantly dying for the Faith of our Communion. Before his beheading, he remarked: “I declare before you all that I die a Christian, according to the profession of the Church of England, as I found it left me by my father.” By his refusal to compromise the faith of the Church as it had been historically received, he lost his life. The Saintly Charles, however, did so gladly stating: “I go from a corruptible, to an incorruptible Crown; where no disturbance can be, no disturbance in the World.” After his beheading and death, there were several notable reports of his relics healing those they touched. For this testimony of love toward the Church, She in return has continued to venerate him as a martyr worthy of her affection. See shop for more details.