The Seabury Society

Pactum Serva | Keep the Faith

A Devotional Society dedicated to the renewal of classical Anglican Practice for the modern world.

Seeking a peaceful revolution of prayer and practice

We work to revive our Tradition from its recent history of fracture and revisionism to a wholesome and faithful expression of classical Anglicanism.

We invite you to join into the fullness of the Anglican Tradition

The Historic Episcopate

We support the traditional understanding of the historic episcopate and its pastoral implications, and remain suspicious and critical of non-geographic bishops, overlapping jurisdictions, and other such innovations in polity. 

Classical Anglicanism

We reject all forms of Identity Politics as they have manifested themselves within our Church: “Anglo-Catholicism”, “Three-Streams”, “Calvinistic”, or whatever else. We remain Anglicans. 

Following The Basics

We adhere to the Rules, Rubrics, Formularies, and Canons particular to our Tradition, as they have been received by the American Church.