A People’s Companion to Holy Communion (First Printing)


All credit must be given to the Very Reverend Bernard Iddings Bell, S.T.B., the Dean of St. Paul’s in Fond Du Lac. It is largely upon his 1914 work, The People’s Book of the Holy Eucharist, that this little book is based and chiefly inspired. All of his same directions and devotions have remained, changed ever so slightly, that they might more easily conform to the contemporary language of the Anglican Church in North America’s Prayerbook. It was our intent to frame this similar booklet according to Bell’s original principles and in his same spirit. To put it in the words of Bishop Reginald H. Weller, who wrote the original advert for Bell’s work:

“These booklets are not ‘manuals of devotion’, as that term is ordinarily understood, but rather they are designed for use in the church, especially for strangers. It is very difficult for a stranger to follow the office of the Holy Eucharist as it is in the Prayer Book, so full is it of occasional matter and rubrics. A stranger can use this booklet and not only follow the service but also perceive its plan and meaning.”

We have done our best to remain true to the good bishop’s words. The instructions contained herein may seem simplistic for those of us who have grown up within the liturgical tradition, but this is precisely because these directions were not written with such persons in mind. Rather, because of the influx of membership within our churches from traditions where such liturgical praxis and etiquette may be foreign, a practical guide which can be quickly accessed and referenced during the service has become necessary.

-From the Preface

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